Best trimmer for men in India 2018: Guide and review of Top 6 trimmers

best trimmer for men in IndiaBeard is the new trend. Though growing beard may seem simple, the real task is to maintain it. Neat and trimmed beard enhance your personality while a messy beard may have the opposite effect.For proper beard maintenance, a right beard trimmer is an absolute necessity. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 6 best trimmer for men in India.
If you are here for a quick glance, then Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer is the best beard trimmer in our list.This trimmer has emerged as the winner in our research.
For buying guide and in-depth review of the trimmers, you can continue below. The online marketplace has many options. Hence, selecting the best beard trimmer can be difficult at times.

Important points to consider while selecting the best beard trimmer for men.

1. Blade quality.
This is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing a trimmer. If your budget can afford the titanium or self-sharpening blade, then you should buy it. The stainless steel blades also do the job. With around 4 years of experience with a stainless steel blade trimmer, we can vouch that they are effective as well.

2. Battery.
The total recharge time and runtime form a crucial part of any trimmer. Ideally, a trimmer should give at least 40 minutes of runtime after being completely charged. In the budget segments, trimmers generally take around 8 hours for a complete charge. Expensive ones take as few as 1 hour.

3. Price.
Almost all our buying decision revolves around price. We understand that. Therefore, we have included trimmers which cover a broad range of price. You can pick the one that suits your budget.

4. Ergonomic and usability.
Trimmer should be easy to hold and comfortable during trimming. A bulky and heavy trimmer may spoil the experience.

5. Warranty.
High-quality goods always co-relate with longer warranty period and great customer support. All listed product in the article offers 2 years of warranty period. Philips trimmers offer an additional year of warranty if you register with them. We highly recommend you to register soon, as later on you may forget or misplace the warranty card.

6. Corded or cordless.
This features also comes handy numerous times. Imagine your trimmer battery is dead and you need to trim. In this case having a trimmer which works with the cord can prove to be a boon.

7. Minimum precision and length setting.
Precision is important to consider if you want to have a clean shave like appeal. Fine precision trimmers have cutting length starting from 0.4 – 0.5mm up to 10mm. The length setting helps you to attain the desired beard length by adjusting the head distance from the blade.

8. Waterproof.
It’s a great feature to have in a trimmer. Cleaning becomes hassle free and less maintenance is required. The only downside is that you have to spend more as the cost of the product increases.

We now have some idea about selecting the best beard trimmer for our need.

Comparison and review of 6 best trimmer for men.

1.Philips QT4011/15 Trimmer for men


Brand Philips
Model QT4011/15
Wet/Dry use Dry
Charging time 1 hour
Usage Time 90 mins
Trimming Range 0.5-10mm
Warranty 2 years + 1 year extra on online registration

This is the best trimmer for men available in India.
Philips currently dominates the beard trimmer market in India. So it is no big surprise that 5 Philips trimmer made it to our top 6 list. But Philips qt4011 really checked all the points for an ideal trimmer. Best value for money, fast charging time and more than sufficient runtime clearly sets it apart from other trimmers. Many trimmers in this list require a charging time of 8 hours whereas this one charges inan hourto give 90 minutes of runtime. It saves you the hassle of plugging your trimmer to charge during the night for the next day trim.

Its advanced titanium blade delivers seamless cutting performance. The blades tips are rounded for smooth and irritation free trimming. Another great feature is its capability to function both corded and cordless.This can be a life saver in many situations.So all your worries related to trimmer charging is taken care of. In any case, you find the battery empty just plug in the cord and get on with your business.

The design is such that it is easy to hold. It offers ample grip which helps to trim hard to reach areas without any difficulty. Maintenance is easy as you have to just detach the head and rinse it. Please dry it before attaching it back to the appliance.The trimmer includes travel and storage pouch. In terms of looks, it features a beautiful design which is appealing to look at.

Philips QT4011/15 is also equipped with 3 mode battery check status. The battery light is green when full, it blinks orange when low and blinks green while charging. Many trimmers only indicate when they are charging.The trimming range too is a positive aspect. With a precision of 0.5mm, you can get a shadow look or use a different range to meet your other longer beard styles.

Overall rating – 9.5/10.

Pros Cons
Value for money Not waterproof
Good design Only blade is washable
3-year warranty
Use while charging
Titanium blade
1 hr charging time
90 mins runtime

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2. Philips QT4005/15 Trimmer for men


Brand Philips
Model QT4005/15
Wet/Dry use Dry
Charging time 10 hour
Usage time 45 mins
Trimming range 0.5-10mm
Warranty 2 year + 1 year extra on online registration

Looking for a budget-friendly and reliable trimmer? Philips QT4005/15 may meet your need then. We have selected this trimmer as the runner-up. It is a close competitor the winner but trails behind in 2 important factor.First being the lengthy charging time (10 hours) and second is the cordless use only.If these factors do not affect you then you can purchase it .

Other changes worth mentioning is the difference in charging indicator and blade.It features a simple charging indicator which turns on when connected to a power source but lacks to tell when it is completely charged or running low on battery.Titanium blade is absent here but since steel blades also perform well. This should not make much difference.

Coming back to the trimmer. It is a reliable product from Philips.
Trimming is smooth, owing to the quality steel blades. The length adjustment has 20 settings for different length of beards. The precision range is same as Philips QT4011/15.Overall, it is a lightweight, reliable and easy to use trimmer which you can purchase without any worry.

Overall rating – 9.1/10.

Pros Cons
Budget friendly 10-hour charging time
Light weight Cordless use only
20 length setting
45 minutes runtime
0.5mm precision
3-year warranty

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3. Philips BT5200/15 Trimmer for men


Brand Philips
Model BT5200/15
Wet/Dry use Both
Charging time 1 hour
Usage time 60 mins
Trimming range 0.4-10mm
Warranty 2 years + 1 year extra on online registration

Philips BT5200/15 has been placed at the third position only due to its price category. If budget is not a problem then this trimmer can be a solid companion for your beard.It is completely waterproof with integrated hair lift comb which makes up for the higher pricing.

The option to use it corded or cordless is a great feature. What is different in this trimmer is the Dynamic Beard System which allows you to get the shadow, short or full beard look easily. Its integrated hair lift comb guides the hairs to the blade level for even trimming.

Self-sharpening full metal blade available in this trimmer help you to trim faster because double metal blades cut more hair while you trim. It’s also skin friendly due to rounded tips of the blade which avoid skin irritation. With the high quality of the blade in this trimmer, you can be assured of a neat and clean trim every time.

This trimmer also requires minimal maintenance. Being waterproof you can just rinse the trimmer head under the tap for fast cleaning. No oil is required during its maintenance.With a recharge time of only 1 hour, it stays ahead of the competition. Leaving price factor aside, it has all the features required for the number 1 spot.Go for it without any second thought if your budget allows you to.

Overall rating – 9.0/10.

Pros Cons
Waterproof Price
Corded or cordless use
Faster trimming
Integrated hair lift comb
Double sharpened full metal blade
1-hour charging time
60 minutes usage
Battery indicator
3-year warranty

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4. Philips QT4001/15 Trimmer for men


Brand Philips
Model QT4001/15
Wet/Dry use Dry
Charging time 10 hour
Usage time 45 mins
Trimming range 1-10 mm
Warranty 2-years +1 year extra on online registration

Philips QT4001 grabs the 4th position in our best trimmer for men in India list. With the trimming range starting from 1mm to 10mm it is sufficient to meet your styling option. After a full charge, you can expect at least 3 times of complete trimming. Quality is sturdy similar to other Philips trimmer. Accidental cuts and irritation are prevented with the use of rounded blades.

Only cordless trimming is available, so you can’t use it while charging. The sound of the trimmer is also on the louder side as compared to others but this should not be a deal breaker. A green light indicates the charging process. There is no option to know when it is fully charged, so charging roughly the time given(10hr) does the job.Overall it is a solid trimmer which covers all the basic needs.

Overall rating – 8.9/10.

Pros Cons
Budget friendly 10-hour charging time
Sturdy Only cordless use
45 mins runtime Louder than other trimmers
10 length setting
Easy to hold and trim
Washable attachment

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5.Panasonic ER-GB37 Men’s Trimmer for men


Brand Panasonic
Model ER-GB37
Wet/dry use Both
Charging time 8 hour
Usage time 50 mins
Trimming range 1-10mm
Warranty 2 years

Need more power to tame your hard beard? Well, this may suit you. With a powerful motor and 20 step dial adjustment, trimming is effortless. It is also the 2nd trimmer in our list which is waterproof. The top notch design will surely attract attention. Both wet and dry trimming is available. When used with foam even 0.5mm precision can be achieved. Quick adjusted dial is provided for easy length setting. Stand on charger is a unique feature of this trimmer. The only downside is the requirement of lubricant oil for maintenance.

Overall rating – 8.7/10.

Pros Cons
Waterproof Oil needed
Top notch design Only cordless trimming
Both dry and wet use
50 minutes operating time
2-year warranty

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6.Philips QT4000/15 Trimmer for men


Brand Philips
Model QT4000/15
Wet/Dry use Dry
Charging time 10 hour
Usage time 45 mins
Trimming range 1-10mm
Warranty 2-years + 1 year extra on online registration

Philips QT4000/15 makes it to the 6th position in our best trimmer for men list. In terms of design, it is similar to other Philips model. In fact, many specifications also match. Two notable difference arise in the length setting and cutting precision. It has 10 adjustable lengths setting while the lowest cutting length is 1mm. If these factors are not necessary then you can buy this instead of Philips QT4005/15 and save some money.
The trimmer is skin friendly and easy to hold. No oil is required for its maintenance.

Overall rating – 8.5/10.

Pros Cons
Good design 10-hour charging time
45 mins runtime Only cordless use
Detachable head for easy cleaning
3-year warranty

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How to use?
After having selected the best beard trimmer, you should follow these steps to get a perfect trim.

1. Decide what look you want to achieve with your beard. Then select the head adjustment according to your choice. In case you want a clean trim then detach the head part and trim with the blade.

2. Select a spot where there is enough light for trimming. In the dim light, you may not spot stray hairs which can spoil your look.

3. Look into the mirror and use slow upward stroke to trim. Make sure you lift the hair to funnel them into the blades.

4. Clean the trimmer and charge it for your next trim.