7+ Best baby strollers in India 2018-Benefits,types and tips for using a stroller

best baby strollers in indiaThe upbringing process of raising a child consists of various stages. All stages come with different needs. Stroller being one of them. This is why we have compiled a list of best baby strollers in India which are available online.


In India product from two brands mainly dominate the baby stroller market. LuvLap being the most sought while R for rabbit grabbing the remaining sales. Premium baby strollers which are available in the west is hard to come by. However, with dynamic changes in the e-commerce marketplace, we can expect more premium strollers to be displayed online.

After the 5 best baby stroller list, we have included strollers from renowned international brands such as Graco and Chicco.


1.LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller (Orange)


Equipped with plenty of features and a light price tag, LuvLap Sunshine baby stroller grabs the first place in our best baby strollers in India list. Designed for comfort and safety, the stroller features 3 adjustable positions to suit resting, sitting and sleeping position of the baby.

Dual direction (forward and backward) handle offers better control and baby view according to your choice. Rear wheels come with brakes for extra safety measures. The protective hood of the stroller is a positive aspect. It protects the baby from direct sunlight and rain. It is easy to put the stroller away when not in use due to its easy folding mechanism. When folded it is compact enough to fit in the car boot which is convenient for traveling.

The seat belt works as expected and the mosquito net provides decent protection.Apart from the unclear user manual, this stroller is a great buy.

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2.Luv Lap – Baby Stroller Sports – BLACK/ORANGE


On our best baby strollers in India list – Luv Lap – Baby Stroller Sports occupies the 2nd place.

With a bit higher price tag it packs in much more features.  Suspension and brakes are present on the front as well as the rear wheel. This enhances safety measures and also improves the ride quality. Four position seat recline is present along with five-point safety harness.

Reversible handle is available here as well. Front dining tray and back tray are detachable.It also has an adjustable footrest and a shopping basket. Overall it’s a nice stroller for your baby.

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3.LuvLap Baby Stroller Pram Sunshine Navy Blue


Another LuvLap stroller makes it to our best baby strollers list. It checks all the points for a regular safe stroller. Equipped with 3 position recline and safety harness, it is an all rounder.

The handle bar can be reversed. Mosquito net, shopping basket and back pocket is present as well. The canopy of the stroller protects the baby from sunshine and rain.

Stroller seat is soft and comfortable with extra padding. As usual, the user manual is not clear but that should not pose any problem.

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4.R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride – The Baby Stroller and Pram


Looking for a safe, sturdy and easy to manage stroller? Well, look on further. The R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride is here to meet all your requirements.

With a single push folding mechanism, the stroller is easy to fold and place in a standing position. To tackle the uneven road in India, the high-quality suspension is provided.

All R for Rabbit strollers are EN 1888 certified for baby and toddler safety. A unique feature of the stroller is the linked brake. With a single click of your feet, you can stop the stroller by activating its brake. The stroller has a reversible handle as well. In a nutshell, it is a great stroller for your loved one.

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5.LuvLap StarShine Baby Stroller – Red


Budget friendly is what describes the LuvLap Starshine baby stroller.
Being light on your pocket it comes with all the necessity of a stroller. As usual, it has the reversible handle, back pocket, and an adjustable footrest. The seat can be adjusted to three positions. The rear wheel brake comes with brakes as a safety measure.

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Graco and Chicco strollers available in India online:

a)Chicco Multiway Evo Stroller (Red)


Chicco had been involved in the field of children’s product for more than 50 years. With a presence in more than 120 countries, you can be assured that its product will meet the global standard.
Chicco Multiway Evo Stroller (Red) is one such product. Sturdy and stable, this stroller comes with suspensions for rough terrain. It has a spacious cozy seat with an umbrella type folding system.

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b)Chicco Echo Twin Stroller (Garnet)


For twin babies, this stroller is your best bet. With the comfortable seat and ultra lightweight frame, it is easy to maneuver. Comes with four positions reclining backrest, full hood, and padded shoulder strap.

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c)Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller, Zuba


Graco is an American baby product company. This stroller is directly imported from USA with all the duties and taxes included.
If you are on the active side than this stroller may suit you perfectly. Being lightweight and ultra-mobile, it is highly portable. Comes with unique one hand fold technique.

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Extra safety: Strollers provide a safer environment for baby.

Easy to move around with baby: Using a stroller to carry your baby is easier as compared to the baby carrier.

Fun for baby: Stroller ride can soothe the baby. A quick stroll in the neighbor helps to cheer up the baby which is similar to a car drive experience.

Helps you with shopping: Using a stroller can make your shopping experience far more smooth and easy.

Storage space for baby needs: Things such as the diaper, bottles, toys etc can be carried on which your baby may require.

Helps you keep fit: With baby requiring your constant care and time, it’s challenging to get some spare time for your workout. Strolling helps you get some extra exercise to keep you fit.


Strollers are available in different types which suit varying needs. In India, there are limitations as to the type of strollers you can purchase. Most commonly purchased is the single traditional strollers. However, as the demand for strollers rises, we can expect more varying strollers to be made available in India for purchase. Below are some of the types of strollers manufactured:

1.Standard size stroller: Most common type is the traditional standard size stroller. They offer ample storage with comfortable seats and a good set of wheels.

2. Double strollers: If you are expecting a twin then double stroller is what you need. Having two seat side by side with all other features of a stroller available, this is a great choice for twins.

3.Jogging strollers: Equipped with shock absorber and large air-filled tires, jogging strollers are ideal if you need to jog with your baby.

4.Lightweight strollers: Best choice if you need to travel frequently. They are light and compact as compared to the traditional stroller. But has flaws too. Wheels are on the smaller side which makes it hard to maneuver on a rough surface.


Avoid hot liquids at all costs: Never place any hot liquid (tea, coffee) in the cup holder of the stroller. The spill could cause burns as well as scars. Also, it’s best to avoid drinking hot liquids while you are taking the baby for a stroll. Even a small bump of the foot may cause your drink to spill on to your baby.

Avoid stairs and escalators: Stairs pose a dangerous environment for strollers. The risk of fatal injury increases exponentially. On a flat ground, the risk of baby falling off the strollers results in minor injuries to the body.

But this is not the case in terms of stairs. Any mishap here could result in fatal injury. The same can be applied for an escalator. Avoid stairs and escalators at all costs. Look for a ramp or elevator to use instead. In case elevator is absent, then carry your baby in your arms while holding the handrail. Have someone else carry the stroller for you.

Keep baby away while folding the stroller: Always maintain a safe distance while folding or unfolding the stroller. Baby’s fingertips may come in the way while folding which could lead to injury. Though a rare chance of occurring, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Always use the safety harness: Most common injury results due to falls. It is always advisable to use the safety harness to avoid baby from falling.

Avoid hanging anything from the handlebar: It may be tempting to hand things from the handlebar from where it is easily accessible. But think twice before you do that. The extra weight on the handlebar disturbs the balance mechanism of the stroller which makes it prone to tip over. The weight distribution is disturbed leading to the strollers falling off to a particular side.

Avoid running with the stroller: It is best to avoid any adventure while using a stroller. Though jogging is feasible with a jogger stroller. The standard strollers carry huge risk if you run or jog with it. The baby’s head is heavy while their spine and neck muscles are still developing. This is crucial to understand because while jogging or moving the stroller briskly, the bumps and shocks may seem minor to an adult but it can be potentially negative to a developing baby.